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Breathing new life into tunes and stories

Introducing the Notes & Echoes blog by Authentica

Music has been my lifelong companion. I can vividly recall the first times I felt its powerful force — listening to the enchanting sounds of concerts my mother took me to when I was four years old, feeling the roaring applause of the crowd around me who were just as mesmerized as we were. Another early memory takes me to the beach, where I lined up my little sand buckets from the small ones to the big ones, tapping away with a stick, enjoying the different pitches and mimicking tunes from TV or melodies I loved to sing.

Soaking up sounds

Growing up, I soaked up music like a sponge, absorbing the world's sounds and, in turn, gifting them back as authentically as possible. While my classical music studies taught me precision in honoring a composer's intentions, my love for various genres like pop or jazz and my love for all kinds of instruments like the piano, flutes, violin, singing and others, always pulled me in to explore beyond boundaries and to realize that there actually aren’t any real boundaries when it comes to music. It is with different styles and instruments that I can access various facets within myself, discovering which one sparks my curiosity most at a given moment, where I feel at home, and which ones challenge me to find a new voice to express myself, and connect with a listener's heart.

Authentica: A Musical World Unveiled

Enter "Authentica," my musical world where I breathe new life into folk melodies, exploring legends and tales, poems and dances from a modern perspective. It's my way of being a vessel for art, molding and reshaping it for the present. Because isn't that what artists do? They absorb life's encounters, transforming them into new creations.

Notes & Echoes

So, why the name "Notes & Echoes" for this blog? It's a space where "Notes" signify diverse expressions, reflections, and observations, while "Echoes" capture the resonance of ideas across cultures. This blog is your backstage pass, where you'll hear stories from my musical journey, encounters, and the people who make it all come alive with me.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Here's to the stories, the echoes, and the musical notes we'll share together.



P.S: If you’d like to know more about why I chose the name Authentica, check out this other post.


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