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An invitation to explore authenticity

The origin of the name "Authentica".

The name is an invitation to question what is authentic in our lives, what comes from the heart and from true conviction

But it’s also a way to pay tribute to melodies from the past that have survived, sometimes for centuries, serving as authentic testimony to our history. Knowing that people have continued to play or sing these melodies to pass them down is a genuine connection to our past.

Additionally, the word "authentic" holds the concept of truth, as it means to see something as genuine and true. Therefore, "Authentica" is about exploring each individual's truths, sharing them, and feeling a connection through the act of sharing our truths. 

Another idea behind this name choice is that the word "authentic"is present in many languages with very little difference. This universal understanding makes it easily and instantly comprehensible to many, acting as a symbol of connection between different cultures. 

For me, it represents not just a name but an exploration of the roots and truths we hold and the connections we form by sharing them. You're warmly invited to come along my musical journey.




Have a look at this page here to read more about the music of Authentica.


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