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Lux Film Festival and Rocklab's Music Video Night

There's a reason music videos have become an art form in their own right. They can transform a song into an immersive experience, and Luxembourg's Music Video Night is going to be a celebration of that power.


Authentica’s “Call of the Night” video has been selected to be featured at the “Luxembourg Music Video Night” and it's a true honor and joy! It's a special screening event where Rocklab and Luxembourg City Film Festival join forces to showcase 22 music videos made by artists, musicians and directors from Luxembourg during the year 2023.


Authentica - Call of the Night - Music Video:

The event will take place at Ciné Utopia on 8th March 2024 at 18:30.

Working with my talented bandmates, dynamic dancers and the amazing team at Dividante to bring the vision to life was an unforgettable experience. Filming at the majestic Vianden Castle created a unique layer of atmosphere, and I can't wait to see my music video come alive on the big screen at Ciné Utopia! Full surround sound? Whoaaa! It'll be incredible to hear every precious detail we captured at Charles Stoltz' Holtz Studio.


I'm thrilled to be participating in this Music Video Night alongside so many amazing Luxembourgish artists : Alagoa, Blanket Hill, CHAiLD, Dock In Absolute, Francis of Delirium, Fumage, Gana, Gilles Grethen Quartet & Strings, In The Atlas, Jayo Brudjez, Josh Island, L'éphémère, Leen, Lucas Ferraz, Maz Univerze, Nicool, Say Yes Dog, Seed To Tree, Serge Tonnar, Sublind and The Aquatic Museum.


The night creates a bridge between the music and film sectors, bringing together musicians and filmmakers. It's inspiring to see the synergy between these two artistic forces, and it opens doors for future projects and partnerships. It also shines a light on the diverse range of jobs that exist within and around the music industry. From the musicians and directors, to the editors, cinematography artists and countless other creatives who bring these music videos to life – this event showcases the talent and dedication that goes into every project.


But this event isn't just a chance to see some brilliant music videos – it's a celebration of the creative powerhouse that is Luxembourg's music scene. We'll see videos spanning genres and styles, all made with passion and creative expression. It's a night to discover new artists, appreciate the depth of our local creative talent, and be blown away by the visual storytelling that complements the music we love. Join me on March 8th at Ciné Utopia and prepare to be swept away by a night of stunning visuals and unforgettable music!






Tickets are available here.

Here's the facebook event of the “Luxembourg Music Video Night”


The 14th edition of the Luxembourg City Film Festival will take place from 29 February to 10 March. Here’s their full programme.


As a member of Rocklab, special thanks go to the team for creating this unique opportunity for artists! Check out all the amazing activities of Rocklab here.

If you can’t make it and want to vibe with our music video, you can catch it HERE below. We’d love to hear from you, leave us a comment or a thumbs-up if you like it!

Video Credits:

Produced by Authentica / Martina Menichetti

Filming, Camera and Post Production: Dividante

Location: Vianden Castle, Luxembourg

Vocals, flutes, dance: Martina Menichetti

Bass Guitar: Cyril Yabroudi

Percussion: Amit Dhuri, Laurent Warnier

Keyboard: Luca Sales

Choreography: Martina Menichetti

Dancers: Alisha Leyder, Sofía Binetti

Audio Recording, Mixing and Mastering: Charles Stoltz (Holtz Studios)



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