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Martina Menichetti

vocals, flutes, keys, compositions, arrangements

Authentica is the stage name of singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Martina Menichetti, who merges Luxembourgish folk, Celtic, and Latin influences into a vibrant and border-defying sonic experience. In her songs, she seamlessly blends ancient instruments, modern sounds, expressive vocals, original compositions and traditional tunes. Together with her band, their energetic stage presence makes any audience dance and move.


Exploring the universality of human emotions, Authentica also draws inspiration from Luxembourgish legends and nature, and with her fluency in seven languages, Martina infuses her vocals with the diverse sonic colors of different languages. In her videos featuring dance choregraphies that blend contemporary and folk styles, she creates a fusion of lyrical, auditory and visual storytelling – turning Authentica into a celebration of sound, language, and movement.


Martina Menichetti has performed with artists like Carlos Núñez, Dan Ar Braz and Anxo Lorenzo, and was part of the band Dullemajik. As a speaker and educator, she collaborates on cultural initiatives with numerous associations, schools, and institutions, sharing her passion for music, language, and the arts to empower and connect people.

Collaborating musicians

Charles Goodhew, acoustic guitar

Luca Sales, keyboard

Cyril Yabroudi, bass

Eric Durrer, Laurent Warnier, Amit Dhuri, percussion


«Authentica’s mission goes beyond creating musical performances; it's about crafting a bridge between folk traditions around the world, like Luxembourg's folk music and dance heritage, and about experiencing music as a powerful vessel for cultural discovery and celebration. And music isn't just meant to be heard; it's meant to be felt and shared. Music and dance workshops offer a unique opportunity to connect with music on a profound level and take part in a meaningful communal activity. It's a celebration of rhythm, culture, and togetherness that anyone can be a part of. Join me at one of my music or dance workshops.


Martina »

Luxembourgish folk music

Next workshop: 18.02.2024 at Sonotron, Creative Hub 1535°, Differdange, Luxembourg

This workshop invites musicians of all levels to discover the rhythms, melodies and instruments of Luxembourgish folk music, as well as its cultural context and influences from other musical traditions from around the world. 

Whatever your instrument, bring it along and let yourself be guided by Martina Menichetti, a musician, lecturer, educator and founder of the group "Authentica", for a dynamic collective music session where you will play with other participants, experimenting with different creative ways to interpret and arrange melodies to create a unique and vibrant sound.

Folk dances between Ireland and Luxembourg

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to discover the traditional dances found in diverse regions like Luxembourg, Ireland, Bretagne, Galicia, and others. These dances are a reflection of unique rhythms and movements that have evolved over generations, echoing the stories and traditions of their respective heritages. The participants can connect with the steps, twirls, and evocative music styles in a fun and engaging way. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or a complete beginner, the workshop is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all.

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