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Call of the Night

The song showcases a traditional Luxembourgish melody, played by the flute. The lyrics in English and Luxembourgish, singing melody and arrangement are crafted by Martina Menichetti and seamlessly fuse with this ancient tune. 

Listen & watch here:

The music video was filmed at the historic Vianden Castle in Luxembourg and explores how individual expression becomes a collective celebration through a nighttime dance - where hands entwine, arms swirl, and feel move in unity. 

Music : trad. & Martina Menichetti. Lyrics by Martina Menichetti


Glowing embers moving into sight

A shadowy veil showing all its might


Meshes of silk and silence you have spun

Loosen all the threads, let them come undone

What lay still is daring to wake

Shoulders are shedding the chains of the day


A sea of eyes and longings untold

Infinite hours letting skins unfold

Bite your lip and taste the bitter honey that you hide and

Throw the white-hot steel, never let it back inside


Leave your hands unbound and let the red-hot flame awake

Hands and arms entangling, swirling feet ablaze


Light the fire within

Let the night begin


D’Stären hunn zesummebruet

Feier, Luucht a Nuet

Audio recording Credits:

Vocals, flutes, keyboard: Martina Menichetti

Music : trad. & Martina Menichetti

Lyrics: Martina Menichetti

Guitar: Charles Stoltz

Bass Guitar: Cyril Yabroudi

Percussion: Amit Dhuri, Eric Durrer, Laurent Warnier

Violin: Solomiya Storozhynska

Audio Recording, Mixing and Mastering: Charles Stoltz (Holtz Studios)

Supported by SACEM Luxembourg

Video Credits:

Produced by Authentica / Martina Menichetti

Filming, Camera and Post Production: Dividante

Location: Vianden Castle, Luxembourg

Vocals, flutes, dance: Martina Menichetti

Bass Guitar: Cyril Yabroudi

Percussion: Amit Dhuri, Laurent Warnier

Keyboard: Luca Sales

Choreography: Martina Menichetti

Dancers: Alisha Leyder, Sofía Binetti

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